Custom Home Construction

Building a home is a large investment and picking a proficient and reliable builder is the only way to protect that investment.
Start early; a year ahead is not too early to start planning your project.

Before you buy that special lot, talk to us to ensure that your dream home will suit your lot.

From a preliminary plan, we can provide a preliminary estimate.

Once a preliminary plan and cost estimate are agreed upon by both parties, then a full set of working drawings are developed.

With the working drawings, we can provide you with a detailed estimate of materials, labor and sub contractors pricing required to complete the home.

The prospective home owner will then review the final estimate with the builder and approve the estimate before proceeding with a contract.

A contract is provided by the builder with detailed specifications, payment schedules and completion date. It is highly recommended that prospective home owner(s) review the contract with their lawyers before signing. This gives both parties adequate protection.

The project is then scheduled.